About this blog

Hi there, I’m Yvette and welcome to my world! I guess the reason you are visiting is that we both have something in common…we love CAKES!

Getting married and choosing our perfect wedding cake inspired me and encouraged me more to learn about cake design.

Wedding Cake

In September 2011, my husband was offered a job with Google in Silicon Valley. This opportunity was not one to be missed, so we decided to up root and leave our lives in the UK for a new and exciting life in California.

San Francisco

Of course this meant me giving up my job to support my husband, but our view is, if you get given an amazing opportunity in life, then just take it… so we did!!!

chocolate factory

I worked as a Food Product Development Technologist before moving to California. As part of this role, I got to spend hours and hours in the test kitchen coming up with new ideas, trying out new recipes and of course tasting them! I really enjoyed this part of my job and was very rewarding when I saw the products I helped to create on the supermarket shelves.

I miss working within Product Development; creating recipes and experimenting with ingredients, so I decided I needed a new personal challenge…..baking and decorating cakes!

If you are considering learning to bake or decorate cakes, then hopefully you will feel inspired by my work and come to understand how even some of the most detailed cakes are not as difficult as you think to create. I started teaching myself to bake and decorate cakes just over a year ago. Just recently, I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to undertake a cake decorating course at Le Cordon Bleu in London followed by an internship for one of London’s award winning Cake Designer’s, Zoe Clark, where I gained so much more knowledge and skills in the art of baking and cake design.

This blog enables me to share my passion of cakes with you, sharing recipes, ideas and cake designs for you to enjoy! Most of the time, I create my recipes by researching other recipes out there and adapting these to create my own, or substituting certain ingredients to bake a healthier version! If I do use a recipe from a resource then I will state this.

All recipes shown on my blog are ones that have been tried and tested (by the chief cake taster..my husband!) so please feel free to use them and to share your ideas too by posting on my blog.

Also, if you want to keep up to date with my cake designs then don’t forget to regularly check out the Gallery page!