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Ok, I have to admit, although I love baking delicious cakes, the other part of me (albeit, the health conscious, sensible side!) is telling me to make some healthier alternatives, as they can taste (almost) just as good as the naughty cakes! To my husband’s delight (as he is the chief cake taster!) he came home from work to find me doing some guilt-free baking. I have many ideas on how to create healthier recipes which I would love to share with you.

You can substitute certain ingredients that can lead to a lower fat alternative. For baking cakes that are lower in saturated fat , you can substitute butter for low fat spreads like ‘Smart Balance’ which is a blend of butter and canola oil. Although you will notice the total fat content is similar between pure butter and ‘Smart Balance’ the saturated fat content is a lot less. Certain oils can be another substitute to reduce the saturated fat content. I tend to use either canola or vegetable oil. Safflower oil (one I haven’t used yet just because it’s not one stocked in my cupboard) is another option. Another good reason to use oils instead of butter is that the oil can create a more dense, moist cake!
Occasionally, I tend to substitute butter for mashed bananas. This may sound a bit strange, but it does actually work.
If you want to lower the sugar content then you can substitute sugar for certain sweeteners, applesauce, fruit juice concentrates and honey. I will be focusing on low sugar/sugar free cakes in the near future, so please do keep on checking in if you are interested in these recipes. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy some of the lower fat alternatives.

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